Letter From The Editor

At the end of every football victory, the Coliseum booms with the same chant. We are ’SC. We are ’SC.

We scream it from the student section, wear it on our shirts, plaster it across recruitment posters. It’s an anthem for a family of fans that spans across the globe and remains obnoxiously, unfalteringly proud of this University. But what does that mean? On one of the most diverse campuses in the country, what does the typical Trojan look like? In this year’s Fall Supplement, our staff at the Daily Trojan wanted to take a look at diversity on our campus and what it means to be ’SC.

Diversity means more than just the color of our skin or a demographic chart. It has to do with how we think, how we were raised, where we came from and where we are going. In a year when diversity has been at the forefront of conversations ranging from politics to pro football, it raises a question for our school — who are we? At USC, we’ve always been the sum of our parts. We don’t just accept, we appreciate and celebrate our differences and our similarities with equal weight. And at the end of a year when race, gender, ethnicity and sexuality threaten to rip our country apart at the seams, it’s important to remember who we are.

We are the hundreds of students who marched through the streets of downtown Los Angeles in protest of President-elect Donald Trump. We advocate for LGBT athletes, we rush fraternities and sororities, we befriend strangers from countries around the globe. Some of us come from a mile away, some from 1,000 miles away. Some are here because of trust funds, others because of full-rides.

But at the end of the day, at the end of any day, we are Trojans. We unite in our dorms, in our classrooms, in our student sections. We lift each other, encourage each other, love each other. And our loyalty to our education, our community, our university and each other bind us together more than any difference in race, gender, political party, sexuality or background could ever pull us apart.

We are ’SC. Never forget it.

Julia Poe
Features Editor, Fall 2016

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